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| wAcKy sTriPes |  *Custom Box Background* by Cre8aRt4LifE | wAcKy sTriPes |  *Custom Box Background* by Cre8aRt4LifE
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ANGELICA-LILY Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013
:iconbunnyloveplz: :icongivecupcakeplz:
God Bless you for having such a kind and giving nature .
I've never seen such an unselfish deed , at least none I've run across here
I think you're as beautiful on the inside , as you are on the outside.
I'm sure you'll be helping so many to enhance their talent ,
with the use of your astonishing work.
You are extraordinarily talented ! :iconromeoplz::
:iconro-kisplz: I just love everything you do :iconheartrollplz: and
I'm SURE that it will be helpful to me too.:iconthankiesplz:::iconlilythankyouplz:
Cre8aRt4LifE Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
...still speechless.

I have no word's other than, With all my heart..thank you.
May every day of your life bring you more joy than the day before.

ANGELICA-LILY Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013
:icong-yes:  Really , I forgot these ? Duh:iconmajornoteplz: :iconfacepalmsmileyplz:                :iconwhitedancingflower: :iconpurpledancingflower::iconpinkdancingflower::iconreddancingflower::iconbluedancingflower::iconyellowdancingflower:

:iconalbinobouncyllamaplz:  :iconthankyoutextplz:   :iconcutellama-plz::iconcutellama2-plz:     :iconmeowkittythanksplz:
ANGELICA-LILY Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013
Since the day I found your profile , YOU  have brought more joy into my life
every day .

Yesterday , you gave me a .:icondawatchplz: and points.
You didn't have to give me points. :iconpointisloveplz: I love you  for it .

But I'm sure you could use them as much as I.
You are so kind to me. .:iconanoplz: That it touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes.

Then today , you sent me the sweetest , loveliest message.        :iconwantitneedit-7plz: :iconwantitneedit-8plz::iconwantitneedit-9plz:
It filled me with the joy that you wished for me. I will read it everyday.

 You know , I don't know your name . But it doesn't even matter
I've known you all my life ... and I've loved who you are  ...

You're the kind of person that you carry in your heart .
Wishing to emulate and hoping to find .

Your best you ...... your best friend        
So you see , I know you ... and , you're an angel   :icononionangelplz:
                        :iconwantitneedit-4plz::iconflowerthnxplz::iconwantitneedit-6plz:  :iconthankyou1::iconthankyou2: :iconrbtsm:       

Oops ! I left this for you yesterday , but I forgot  to push submit !?!    :iconhardlaughplz:
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July 14, 2013
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